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The Rules

Horseporium is the latest way to connect buyers and sellers in the horse industry. Horseporium is a new online horse auction, and we’re here to make your experience safe and simple, functioning in the same general manner most other online auctions do.

  • Horseporium selects trusted Sellers to list horses up for auction on our site.
  • The Seller will be required to furnish a negative Coggins test prior to the horse going up for auction.
  • Though not mandatory, we ask the Seller to provide a general pre-purchase exam for their horse. Should you see a horse listed without a general pre-purchase exam, we encourage you to hire a veterinarian to have one performed before bidding. 
  • Each horse will be listed with a video and detailed description that should answer any questions you have about the horse.  Should you have further questions about the horse, you will be able to contact the Seller directly to have them answered.
  • Sellers have the option to list their horse with a “Buy Now” price. The “Buy Now” button will be removed once the reserve price set by the Seller has been met. 
  • Sellers will have the option to choose the duration of their auction with options of two or three weeks.  While an auction is active, it is suggested that prospective Buyers contact the Seller to arrange for veterinarian examinations, test rides, etc.
  • When bidding you have the option to place one bid at a time or place your maximum bid and allow the proxy bid software to bid the lowest amount possible on your behalf each time you are outbid. 
  • During the last 10 minutes of an auction, 2 minutes will be added to the clock each time a bid is placed which eliminates the last-second “sniper” bid which is commonly seen in other online auctions.
  • Horseporium will contact the Seller and the Buyer at the conclusion of the auction to facilitate the exchange of contact information. 
  • The Buyer is expected to contact the Seller within 48 hours of the end of the auction to finalize payment.
  • Buyer and Seller are responsible for making arrangements for delivery or pick up of the horse.  Horseporium is available to assist in this process if needed.
  • Horseporium would welcome the opportunity to market your horses or mules for you. Seller will pay a $100.00 consignment fee to list and advertise their horse. will collect a commission fee of 10% of the final sale price at the conclusion of the auction.

If the auction ends without the reserve price being met, will contact the highest bidder offering them the opportunity to buy the horse at the reserve price. If the horse is sold in this manner the 10% commission fee will still apply. If not, you don’t owe the 10% commission fee and Horseporium will list your horse again for no charge.

Your dream horse is only one bid away.  Good luck and happy bidding.